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Refund Policy

We have prepared this refund policy to explain the scenarios in which you may request a refund for products and services acquired from Netrouting.

General Terms

General terms apply to all refund eligible services. In addition, there may be special terms that apply to specific products and/or services, which are outlined separately below or in your master service agreement (if applicable).

1. No refund will be made if services are suspended or terminated for cause.

2. Services must be canceled before we can issue a refund.

3. Contracted services are not eligible for a refund, unless Service Level Agreement or Terms of Service states otherwise.

4. All refunds will be processed via the payment gateway it was received. Exceptions are made at Netrouting’s discretion only.

5. Any processing fees will be deducted from a refund.

6. To be eligible for a refund, customer must open a ticket requesting refund and cancellation of the order within 10 calendar days of purchase.

7. Licensing and registration/transfer fees are non-refundable. Eg. Domain name registrations, Windows server licensing, cPanel/WHM.