Subpoena Response Policy

ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) respects the privacy of its customers. In accordance with relevant laws, ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) policy prohibits the release of customer or account information except when required by law or in compliance with legal process served on ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) and/or its affiliated entities. ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) is located in Miami, Florida and all subpoenas should be served at the location set forth below.

1. Service of Subpoena, Warrant or Court Order
If you seek identity or account information of a ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) customer in connection with: a) a civil matter or b) a criminal matter (if you are a member of law enforcement or governmental agency), you may mail and/or email ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) with a valid subpoena, warrant or court order to:

ColoHouse, LLC (United States Inquiries)
Attn: Copley Milian, CAO
36 NE 2nd Street, Suite 400
Miami, Florida 33132

ColoHouse B.V. (EU Inquiries)
Attn: Copley Milian, CAO
Moezel 5, 2491 CV
Den Haag, Netherlands

All email inquiries may be sent to legal@colohouse.com.

ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) reserves the right to not accept service by email and require formal service at the above address. In such event the requesting agency or party will be notified within one business day of the requirement for formal service. ColoHouse’s (dba Netrouting) acceptance of service by e-mail is deemed proper service and customer shall have no claim against ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) based upon ColoHouse’s (dba Netrouting) agreement to accept service in accordance with this policy.

2. Customer Notification and Compliance
Upon receipt of the valid subpoena, warrant or court order, ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) shall promptly notify its customer via mail or e-mail unless specifically prohibited from doing so pursuant to the subpoena, warrant or court order. Unless the subpoena, warrant or court order specifically and clearly indicates urgency of the request, or circumstances surrounding such request indicate an emergency, ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) shall not immediately produce the requested information and customer shall have ten (10) business days to quash the subpoena or warrant in court or take other legal action.

ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) reserves the right (but is not obligated) to challenge the validity of any subpoena, warrant or court order, and/or the service thereof, or take such legal action to move to quash or obtain court order relieving ColoHouse  (dba Netrouting) of its obligation to respond.

3. Compliance Costs
With respect to civil legal action (and not a criminal subpoena or warrant), by making the subpoena, warrant or court order request, you agree to pay ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) the following costs associated with ColoHouse’s (dba Netrouting) compliance:

• Research – $75 per hour
• Mail/Overnight Delivery – Billed at Actual Cost
• Copies/Materials (i.e. paper copies, disc, thumb drive, etc.) – Billed at Actual Cost

ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) reserves the right to require advance payment based upon reasonable estimate of the necessary compliance costs.
Compliance costs for criminal subpoenas or warrants will be charged to the requesting agency to the extent allowed by law.
Checks should be made payable to ColoHouse, LLC. and mailed to the address listed above. ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) further reserves the right to charge customer (and customer agrees to pay) the above stated fees in connection with such notice and compliance procedures for criminal subpoena, warrant or court order to the extent the costs of compliance are not paid by the requesting agency.

4. Additional Documentation and Response
Customer understands that ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) does not render legal advice nor legal services in connection with any such subpoena, warrant or court order and customer must consult with an attorney of its own choosing in connection therewith. ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) reserves the right to request a copy of the relevant complaint and/or supporting documentation evidencing the relevance of the information requested to the legal action and underlying subpoena, warrant or court order.
Notwithstanding anything contained herein, ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) reserves the right to disclose customer information to the extent ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) deems it reasonable to do so, in its sole and exclusive discretion, in connection with: a) customer’s violation of any ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) agreement or policy, and/or b) operational security of ColoHouse’s (dba Netrouting) (and/or its customers’) networks, products, services or web properties and/or c) satisfaction of any other legal obligation.

5. Modifications or Changes
ColoHouse (dba Netrouting) have the right to modify or change the Subpoena Response Policy at any time without notice. Upon such updating, we shall post the updated policy on ColoHouse’s (dba Netrouting) website (www.ColoHouse.com).

Last Revised: September 2018