Virtual Private Servers – Why It Is Still Friendly For New Developers?

The world of IT can be frustrating. Whether you’re a code ninja, social media guru coding the next best thing, a rock star programmer set to build a revolutionary application, or just a beginner looking for a development environment to experiment, you’ll need a host. With the word ‘hosting’ getting tossed around like empty promises … Continue reading Virtual Private Servers – Why It Is Still Friendly For New Developers?

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Virtual Private Servers – Why It Is Still Friendly For New Developers?

The world of IT can be frustrating. Whether you’re a code ninja, social media guru coding the next best thing, a rock star programmer set to build a revolutionary application, or just a beginner looking for a development environment to experiment, you’ll need a host. With the word ‘hosting’ getting tossed around like empty promises of politicians during election, it may be difficult to understand what kind of hosting you may need for your development needs. With too many web hosts and web hosting services available at your disposal, it may be too overwhelming to cut the fluff from the stuff.

Setting up a server and managing it can be an expensive affair, not to mention the difficulty associated with handling it. Depending on your need, getting web hosting services allow you to rent space on a web server.  There are many types of hosting available, from Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, to Collocated Hosting. All these hosting accounts give one a web server to run their website on. Varying in set-up, features, cost and customization, these kinds of account can be used depending the need of the customers. Among these, one of the best option for a developer is virtual private server.

What is virtual private server (VPS) ?

Sold as a service by Internet hosting businesses, a virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine with its hosting environment mimicking a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment and its particular copy of an operating system. With VPS, the user has a super-user level access to the operating system of VPS and the customers can install any software to run on that operating system. VPS is a perfect solution for a budget but secure hosting services with intermediate web-space hosting solution. A virtual emulation of a web hosting server, VPS technically acts both as dedicated and shared hosting.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

With similar technologies of Virtual Box or VMWare, VPS hosting allows one to run many virtualized operating systems on one particular server. All virtualized operating system act as a dedicated server. With VPS, you can manage you domains, upload files, test programmes, and perform many other tasks. 

The benefits of VPS Hosting : 

Affordability : 

VPS hosting is one of the most affordable options especially for developers as it allows you to choose the desired amount of resources to suit your purposes rather than imposing dedicated machine with rigid specifications on you. With VPS, you pay as you go, as in you pay based on your needs, rather than having a set amount of space and under-utilizing it. Netrouting offers you many packages from as low as €5/ month and flexible options where you can increase or reduce your level of resources with just one call. 

Control : 

With good VPS hosting providers like Netrouting, you get the freedom and control on your own private space. Even if you want to install server applications requiring a system restart, it can be done anytime without affecting anyone. You also have power over your operating systems and the applications which you want to install and use.

Privacy : 

With VPS hosting, you aren’t sharing your operating system with anyone and so with no other websites on your server, other websites don’t have access to your files, ensuring your privacy.

Easy Migration : 

With other hosting servers, it is difficult to move from a place to another as hardware and other changes may be required. Since for VPS, everything is virtual, it is relatively very easy to move if you want to switch to large or small account as the hosting company has the flexibility to move you quickly and easily.

Customization :

With VPS server, you have a greater chances of customization as you have your own operating system and you can upload all server applications like MYSQL, Apache, and PHP and if you want to customize, you can get it done any day.

Dedicated Resources :      

With a VPS Server, you have the desired amounts of RAM available for you any time. Unlike in the case of shared hosting where people share the RAM space, on a VPS server you can utilize all the RAM you want and whenever you want.

Easy upgrades :

Think of it like recharging your cell phones. You can add any amount of money to it whenever desired. Similarly, with VPS hosting, as you are using just a part resource of the main server, you can always upgrade it any time you want. 

Performance : 

You have the best of both world when it comes to hosting as the performance and reliability are not impacted by other businesses. Since, your RAM, storage and bandwidth are isolated, your website performance is not affected in any way.

Security : 

Security is a main concern for all website owners but especially when it comes to developers it is paramount as building an application or other programming related work require top security. With VPS, there is greater security as it keeps your files segregated and keep them totally isolated from other accounts.

No matter whether you are getting started or trying to deploy complex codes, Netrouting can provide you with whatever you require. Offering top-notch hardware and network in the hosting industry, Netrouting offers you 24/7 customer support with rich features, ultra-fast service and 99.9% network uptime assurance. You can Contact Us in case of any query. 

Deciding on your Colocation Service Provider

In order to keep up in this hyper-competitive world, a business needs to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. With more companies going out of business each day, running effectively is not only important but it is increasingly becoming critical. It is especially critical for smaller and medium sized businesses to maximize efficiency because of their limited resources as compared to large conglomerates. To be resourceful, the businesses need to focus on their core competency and outsource the rest. Even though it may be very tempting to save additional expenses by doing everything in-house, outsourcing basic business tasks can be a clever and cost-effective leadership approach.

As data and applications grow more and more important for SMBs, the decision to opt for outsourcing can be a major hurdle to cross. When it comes to IT resources, it is always better to rely on dependable IT partners as trying to do it on your own may backfire and critically damage the efficiency of your business. Moreover, setting up IT infrastructure can be costly, time-consuming and incur recurring maintenance costs since a server requires uninterrupted power supply, backup, cooling methods, dedicated staff, security etc., everything adding to overheads, making outsourcing more palatable.


Data, being the brain of the company, it can be a daunting decision to opt for outsourcing the safe-keeping of the data and other critical resources. In simple terms, colocation denotes to the practices of using professional data centres to lease or rent server equipment, which allows businesses to control their hardware and software within a protected facility offering power and cooling to protect against power outages.  Opting for a colocation service lets you take the advantages of low latency, better bandwidth, high security, better system efficiency, and it is much more cost effective.

Here are few essentials for businesses to consider before deciding on a colocation facility:Colocation Service Provider


Location is a very important element when it comes to deciding on a colocation service provider. A business can either opt for an off-shore location or a datacenter located nearby depending on the business requirements. Always keep your long-term goals in mind when opting for a location, after all a decision to choose a colocation partner is a huge decision and the location should serve the purpose. 

Flexibility and Scalability

The decision to go with a colocation provider is definitely a long-term decision and a provider which doesn’t provide you the option for flexibility and scalability may prove detrimental for your business in the long run. Check for the availability of additional connectivity and space to ensure that your provider can scale with your business with time.

Financial Stability

Before making a decision, always consider the financial ability of the colocation provider. It may be very tempting to opt for a cheaper colocation service however, investing in a data centre is a long term process and involves a lot of time and cost. It is always best to opt for a reputed colocation provider which can support you for few years as you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of spending time and money only for your colocation provider to fold their business the next year.

Weather conditions

Although most colocation providers would be built taking into account the weather conditions of the area, it is always better to double check everything. Check if the datacenters are located in an area which is not prone to hurricane, flooding, earthquake and the likes.


Reliability is very important. Choose a service provider which comes with recommendation. In datacenter industry, reliability is measured as uptime and a good ball-park for a reliable provider is that it should have 5 9s (99.99%) uptime.

Deployment Efficiency

When it comes to business, very few things are as or more important than time. Having a colocation partner which understands and respects your time and provide a clear timeline for the infrastructure deployment is significant. 

Technical Support

In case of any technical difficulty, does your provider leave you in lurch? If your colocation provider is too difficult to get in touch with through phone, email or in person, you should get rid of such provider as soon as possible. Always ensure that your colocation provider has qualified professionals to help your business in technical difficulty regardless of the hour.


Security is a vital element when it comes to opting for a colocation provider. Choose a provider who will provide you high redundant facilities as well as good physical security measures to ensure maximum protection for your data and other resources.

A right colocation provider can really help you soar in your business and help your organization stay agile. Netrouting can be a right fit for you as it offers colocation at reliable and secure locations with no-break N+1 power and cooling infrastructure, backed by emergency diesel generators. With TIER1 powered network connectivity for optimal availability and performance, Netrouting guarantees a solid 99.99% uptime SLA on all services offered.




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