WordPress 4.5 Field Guide

Few more days! Can you feel the buzzing excitement already? Yes, the wait is over. WordPress is all set to release the next major version i.e, WordPress 4.5 by the second week of April 2016 (set to be released on 16th April 2016). Yes, we are excited too! We have been following the Beta Development … Continue reading WordPress 4.5 Field Guide

WordPress 4.5 Field Guide

Few more days! Can you feel the buzzing excitement already? Yes, the wait is over. WordPress is all set to release the next major version i.e, WordPress 4.5 by the second week of April 2016 (set to be released on 16th April 2016). Yes, we are excited too! We have been following the Beta Development and can’t wait to share with you the best highlights of WordPress 4.5 version. Go on, check out what you can expect from WordPress 4.5.

Inline Link Editing
Till now modal window was used to edit links within content. In WordPress 4.5, there’s a new feature inline link editing. Things to be aware of inline link editing.

You no longer have the “or link to existing content” section.
If you are linking to existing content on your site or an external URL, you have to do from within the same input box. You can use keywords to search for existing content or enter URL starting with http://.
Once you have entered your URL or clicked on your existing content, you can use ENTER or RETURN key to return to editing your content in inline link editor. There is a blue button with an arrow that will apply your link.

The WordPress 4.5 edit link modal (advanced options):

Inline Text Patterns Shortcuts
Inline text patterns are keyboard shortcuts used to add formatting to content. Few more text patterns for inline code blocks (<code>) and horizontal line (hr />) will be added in WordPress 4.5.

‘will surround the text with <code> element.

—3 or more hyphens or dashes will be converted into <hr /> element
Login with Email Address
Till now we could login into the WordPress Admin area only with username and password (unless you used a plugin). Username is different from email address. It’s easy to forget username (guilty as charged!). Usernames are publicly accessible thus vulnerable to hacking. WordPress 4.5 allows you to login using email address. It’s rare that we forget email address when attempting to login and email address is not easily accessible to a hacker. We think it’s a great step!
Comments Updates in WordPress 4.5
Comment Moderation
Now in WordPress 4.5, the permalink only shows for approved comments.
Check out the screenshots below to understand other changes that were made to the comment moderation screen.


Max Lengths for Comment Fields
The following maxlength attributes are used on the comment form fields in WordPress 4.5:
Comment: 65,525 characters
Name: 245 characters
Email: 100 characters
URL: 200 characters
You can override these lengths using the comment_form_default_fields filter for custom database schemas.

Comment Error Screen
To assist user navigation, a simple back link has been added to the comment error screen.


WordPress Customizer
WordPress Customizer has got several notable improvements and a few bug fixes. Let’s take a look at them.
Custom Logo Support
Themes can now declare support for custom logos with WordPress 4.5,
Themes should include the following code in their functions.php file (replace “theme_prefix” with your actual theme’s prefix) to register support.
function theme_prefix_setup() {
add_theme_support( ‘custom-logo’ );
add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘theme_prefix_setup’ );
Making it easier for theme developers to add styles, aclass of .wp-custom-logo would be added with this feature.
Selective Refresh
Only the specific part of the site that you’re editing will update, instead of the entire page getting refreshed with every single update. This means when editing your site in Customizer, live preview will be faster.
You can now use SHIFT + click elements in the preview pane to open up their options in the Customizer’s sidebar.
Customizer Device Preview
You’ll find 3 icons in the bottom left corner: desktop, laptop, and mobile. You can now easily preview your site to understand how it will look on different devices.


Embed Changes in 4.5
Support for Twitter Moments & Timelines
You can now embed Twitter Moments and Timelines onto your posts and pages with WordPress 4.5.
Dailymotion (dai.ly) Embeds over https
Embed Dailymotion videos over https securely.
Script Loader in WordPress 4.5
Individual Stylesheets for /wp-admin/
The admin can now use the load-styles.php file to serve up 4 dashboard.css files (weighing 72kb) instead of using 235kb wp-admin.min.css file.
For more information on Enhanced Script Loader in WordPress 4.5 please click below link https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/03/08/enhanced-script-loader-in-wordpress-4-5/

HTTP ETag Header
Now both the load-scripts and load-styles.php can send an ETag header which includes the WordPress version. Browser won’t re-download styles and scripts which will help improve performance.
Inline Scripts
You can now use the new wp_add_inline_script() function to add inline Javascript.
Enhanced Script Loader in WordPress 4.5
Check out full post on “Enhanced Script Loader in WordPress 4.5”.
Link: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/03/08/enhanced-script-loader-in-wordpress-4-5/

Embed Changes in 4.5 For Developers
Embed Template
Small changes such as minor bug fixes, accessibility enhancements, and a new way of template loading were made to Embed Template.
Small Changes
The <iframe> comes with a hidden new technique to resolve Firefox bug and for better accessibility <iframe>‘s title attribute is updating. When a WordPress site is set to a static page, you can embed the front page.

Template Changes
There are now 5 template parts that load the embed template and they are located in /wp-includes/theme-compat/ and can be overridden by themes.


Image courtesy: wordpress.org

Template Hierarchy
Theme authors can customize embed for different types of content using the same, familiar template hierarchy.
1. embed-{post-type}-{post_format}.php
2. embed-{post-type}.php
3. embed.php
4. wp-includes/theme-compat/embed.php
Complete list of embed changes is explained clearly in WordPress post. Checkout below link
Link: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/03/11/embeds-changes-in-wordpress-4-5/

JQuery Updates
JQuery and jQuery Migrate are updated from version 1.11.3 to 1.12.2 and 1.2.1 to 1.4.0 respectively. Test your themes and plugins which uses these libraries. Along with this, the Backbone & Underscore libraries are also updated. Test completely if you use these libraries in themes /plugins.
Customizer Changes for Developers
Below are few things that developers should be aware of.
Setting-less Controls
Take note in ticket #35926 for the theme options in Customizer.
Selective Refresh for Widgets
Enable theme support to use the new selective refresh feature for sidebars/widgets.
add_theme_support( ‘customize-selective-refresh-widgets’ );

Term Edit Page
A new /wp-admin/term.php is now available for editing single terms. Read about few other notes here.
Multisite in WordPress 4.5
Few improvements are made to Multisite.
Introduction of new global object, WP_Site replaces $current_blog. Ticket #32450
New hooks & filters are introduced:
network_user_new_form fires at the end of the network’s Add New User form. #15389
network_site_new_form fires at the end of the network’s Add New Site form. #34739
network_allowed_themes and site_allowed_themes allow for more granular filtering of the themes allowed for a site. The legacy allowed_themes will continue to do its job. #28436
pre_network_site_pre_created_user fires right before a new user is created during the Add New Site process if one does not already exist. #33631
When a user tries to logging into a network to which they don’t have permission, a redirection for subdomain installs.
After you add a new user to a site, an “Edit User” link will be added to the screen.
Read this post for a complete list of Multisite updates in WordPress 4.5.

For WP-CLI to work with WordPress 4.5, you need to upgrade it to WP-CLI version 0.23.0. Please refer this link “official release post ” for more details.

Other WordPress 4.5 Features
Google+ con was updated and 3 new Dashicons added (move, paperclip, and laptop). Refer Ticket#34221
Image quality changed from 90 to 82.
This doesn’t implies to the original upload, it applies only to the WordPress-created image sizes.
Please refer below link for other Performance improvements for images in WordPress 4.5
Link: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/03/12/performance-improvements-for-images-in-wordpress-4-5/
Please refer 4.5 Field Guide for any missing feature.

Source : wpsmackdown
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