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What is a Dedicated Server?

Not  ready yet to invest in your own hardware? In that case you can rent a bare metal server or a fully managed dedicated server. This keeps your spending in check and prevents the expensive replacement of servers and parts when they are due for replacement. Netrouting offers a wide choice of powerful dedicated servers. In contrast to other hosting options dedicated servers give you ultimate flexibility and safety, combined with the possibility of installing special software or a personalized server environment. Netrouting offers dedicated servers in Miami, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Frankfurt.

Bare Metal or Fully Managed?

At Netrouting you have the choice between a bare metal or a fully managed dedicated server. Let us explain the difference between the two.

Bare Metal

With a bare metal we give you a server, but you are responsible for installation and maintenance. A cheap and quick option. Netrouting Dedicated Hosting, get started now!

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  • Features
  • Benefits
  • High-performance

    Dedicated hosting offers processing power, memory and disk space are exclusively assigned to you. You do not share them with other customers or locations on the server.

  • Hybrid

    A bare metal server can be customized to your requirements. Would you like to expand or scale back? We’re just a ticket or a phone call away.

  • Configurable

    You enjoy the freedom to install special software or to configure your server in accordance to your wishes. It is also easy to add more servers to your private network.

  • Worldwide reach

    You get a high speed Internet uplink with premium bandwidth. Netrouting offers low latency and Tier1 powered traffic.

  • Space for you only

    Whether it is processing power, memory or disk space: they are available exclusively to you. The server is yours only and is not shared with other clients or applications.

  • Fast provisioning

    Automation is the key to success. With our systems new orders, reinstallations and corrections are completed very fast.

  • Locations worldwide

    Do not restrict yourself to your country or region. Enjoy the benefits of Netrouting’s geographically spread data centers in cities like Miami, Florida and Stockholm, Sweden.


Fully Managed

With a fully managed server you outsource all the work to Netrouting. Installation, management, upgrades, maintenance, replacement: we take care of it all.

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  • Features
  • Benefits
  • High-performance

    Dedicated servers offer processing power, memory and disk space that are assigned to you and to you only. Netrouting configures your server according to your needs.

  • Security

    Only our experienced system administrators have access to your server. This ensures that your equipment is safe and available at all times.

  • The best configurations

    You can let us install special software or have us configure your servers in line with your wishes and demands. Consider it done!

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

    With Netrouting you profit from our outstanding ISO 9001/27001, SSAE16 and PCI-DSS compliant datacenters in The Netherlands, Sweden and United States.

  • Guarantees

    As a managed server customer at Netrouting we give you guarantees. We promise to be available for troubleshooting 24x7x365 and respond within one hour.

  • You are in charge

    Let a server specialist help you put together the best configuration for your purposes. Tell us more about your goals and your requirements, we’ll be happy to put it together!

  • Trustworthy and safe

    Netrouting’s servers are housed in ISO27001 and SSAE16 certified + PCI compliant datacenters.

Netrouting makes the difference

With dedicated servers of Netrouting you get lots of benefits.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Server locations
  • Reseller programs

The best performances

Our servers stand for quality and business continuity. At Netrouting we value each and every customer. If you rent one or more servers at Netrouting, you are ensured of the best infrastructure, access to extremely fast and reliable internet, multiple layers of security and dedicated customer service.

Our reseller programs

Netrouting has two reseller programs. The first program gives you the chance to earn commissions and discounts of up to 50 percent on our core services. With our second program you can build your own product line based on our offerings. The more you buy, the higher the discounts you will receive.

Everything is personal

Not only is our service personal (we know you by name and you know our staff), our servers are personal too. At Netrouting no server is created equally. You can adjust them according to your wishes, needs and demands. It is also an option to outsource the configuration to us. This is how you always receive the solutions best fit for your business.

You can count on us

Netrouting recruits employees with a focus on knowledge and a customer oriented approach. We at Netrouting all share a passion for IT and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced engineers is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for troubleshooting. Pro-active, approachable and personal.


A redundant power supply, dual uplinks, a pro-active management policy and worldwide support coverage: Netrouting makes sure your data and connections are always available, also in the case of power outrages and natural disasters.

Professional management

When you opt for a fully managed server, we at Netrouting do all the work for you. This means that when the hardware breaks down, you will not have to buy new equipment or worry about repairs. Netrouting keeps an eye on your IT equipment en makes sure that everything keeps working the way it should.

Technical support

Let’s just be straight up about it. Our support team never sleeps. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions and assist you with your problems. Curious to see how we work? You are more than welcome to tour our data centers and meet our team.

Safe storage

We are constantly focused on the safety of your servers. We look at safety from multiple angles: physical safety, accessibility, but also in maintenance and competence of our team. These topics are of the utmost importance to us. Would you like to see for yourself? Please call us for an appointment. We will be happy to show you around.

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Miami, FL

You asked, we deliverd. At Netrouting we offer two seperate reseller programs.

The first program gives you the chance to earn commisions and discounts of up to 50 percent on our core services. Because administration and support is managed by Netrouting, you as a reseller only carry a minimal risk.

With our second program you can build your own product line based on our offerings. When you purchase a lot, you get a lot of discount. We also have interesting discounts on the start-up costs and all monthly service fees.

Our valued customers

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Netrouting Miami Data Center

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