Streamlined Video Excellence on a Global Scale

Experience the exceptional capabilities of Netrouting's worldwide network, meticulously engineered to cater to the high demands of video streaming. Our expansive infrastructure boasts high-bandwidth options, ensuring that your content is delivered smoothly and without buffering, even during peak viewership times. Coupled with ultra-low latency, our network guarantees that your streaming content reaches your audience with minimal delay, providing an uninterrupted and high-quality viewing experience. This robust network foundation is ideal for streaming platforms of all sizes, from emerging startups to established broadcasters, offering scalability and reliability that adjusts as your audience grows. With Netrouting, your streaming service can truly go global, reaching viewers across continents with the same ease and quality as local broadcasts.


Cater to large audiences with ease using our ultra-high bandwidth capabilities, ensuring your video content is streamed smoothly, even during periods of high demand. This robust bandwidth capacity is essential for delivering high-definition and 4K streams without interruptions.

Adaptive Scalability

Grow your platform without limitations. Our infrastructure is designed to scale with your needs, easily accommodating spikes in viewership and expanding as your audience grows. This scalability is key to maintaining performance and quality as your streaming service evolves.

Global Content Delivery

Leverage our extensive global network to deliver your content worldwide with efficiency and speed. Our strategically located servers ensure that your streams reach a global audience with reduced latency, providing a consistent viewing experience regardless of location.

Consistent Low Latency

Deliver real-time, interactive streaming experiences with our consistently low latency solutions. Ideal for live events, gaming streams, and interactive broadcasts, our network ensures that your content is delivered with minimal delay, keeping viewers engaged and connected.

High-Capacity Server Connections

Netrouting’s infrastructure stands out with the capability to offer multiple 10 and 40 Gigabit connections per server. This feature ensures that your streaming services can handle enormous data throughput, crucial for delivering high-quality video content. These high-capacity connections are perfect for platforms that require intensive bandwidth, offering the power and speed necessary to stream high-resolution, latency-sensitive content seamlessly.


Global Private Network

Netrouting offers a unique Global Private Network solution, connecting your infrastructure across different locations under a single, secure network. This connectivity ensures that your data and content flow efficiently between your distributed assets, maintaining high security and performance standards. Whether your servers are in Europe, the Americas, or Asia, our private network unifies your operations, providing a seamless and secure data transit experience.

Guaranteed Low Latency

A core promise of our service is consistently low latency, essential for streaming high-quality video without buffering or interruptions. We optimize our network routes and employ advanced technologies to ensure that your content is delivered with the least possible delay. This commitment to low latency translates into superior viewing experiences, critical for live streaming, gaming, and interactive content, where every second counts for keeping audiences engaged.

A technicia in server room working

Strategic Global Locations

Our global presence is a key differentiator, with strategically positioned data centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Bucharest, Miami FL, and Hong Kong. This worldwide footprint enables us to provide local performance on a global scale, ensuring your content is hosted close to your audience. It results in faster delivery, reduced latency, and an enhanced user experience, making us an ideal partner for globally-targeted video streaming services.

Strategic Global Locations

Select Bare Metal Deals: Optimized for Your Streaming Needs

2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
  • Locations DESERONL
  • CPU 20 Cores / 40 Threads, 2.80 Ghz
  • Storage Up to 6x HDD/SSD
  • RAM Up to 256Gb DDR3
  • Bandwidth Starting at 17TB
  • Ideal for Website Hosting, Video Streaming, Managed Hosting, Service Providers
2x Intel Xeon E5-2690v4
  • Locations SENL
  • CPU 28 Cores / 56 Threads, 2.60 Ghz
  • Storage Up to 12x HDD/SSD
  • RAM Up to 512Gb DDR4
  • Bandwidth Starting at 17TB
  • Ideal for Website Hosting, Video Streaming, Managed Hosting, Service Providers
2x Intel Xeon E5-2690v4
  • Locations USHK
  • CPU 28 Cores / 56 Threads, 2.60 Ghz
  • Storage Up to 2x HDD/SSD
  • RAM Up to 128Gb DDR4
  • Bandwidth Starting at 17TB
  • Ideal for Website Hosting, Video Streaming, Managed Hosting, Service Providers

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