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Unlock the full potential of the cloud with our next-generation Virtual Machines, designed to deliver power, flexibility, and speed to your applications. Featuring instant provisioning and built on the latest generation Intel CPUs, our cloud VMs come equipped with high-speed NVMe/SSD storage options, distributed across a resilient storage architecture. With premium network connectivity as standard, you can expect lightning-fast 10G/40G speeds, ensuring your applications run smoothly and efficiently. Benefit from an extensive template library for rapid deployment, the ability to use custom ISOs for unparalleled customization, straightforward firewall rule setup for enhanced security, and free internal networking to connect your services seamlessly.

Instant Provisioning

Activate your cloud VMs instantly with our provisioning system, accessible directly through our control panel for immediate service deployment. This feature not only allows for rapid scaling up or down according to your operational demands but also ensures that you can adapt to changing project requirements with agility and minimal delay.

Web Based Firewall

Take command of your VM's security with our easily manageable firewall rules, directly through our intuitive control panel. This feature empowers you to define and modify your security parameters in real-time, offering precision control to protect against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Free Internal Networking

Leverage our free internal networking to connect your cloud VMs within a secure, private network, all manageable via our user-friendly control panel. This functionality allows for the seamless integration of your services, facilitating encrypted and high-speed communication between VMs without exposing data to the public internet.

Operating System Flexibility

Customize your VM to perfection with our broad selection of pre-configured templates and the option to deploy custom ISOs, all through a straightforward control panel interface. This flexibility ensures that you can quickly set up your preferred operating system, whether it's for a standard web server or a complex, custom application environment.

Choose your Cloud Plan

Select from a Range of Configurations to Match Your Performance and Budgetary Needs

  • General Purpose
vCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price Data Center
1 vCPU1 GB25 GB SSD1 TB5.00
1 vCPU2 GB50 GB SSD2 TB10.00
2 vCPU2 GB50 GB SSD2 TB15.00
2 vCPU4 GB80 GB SSD3 TB23.00
4 vCPU8 GB120 GB SSD4 TB36.00
8 vCPU16 GB160 GB SSD5 TB70.00

Your Cloud Journey Simplified

Kickstart your cloud journey with immediate operating system setup on your VM. Our platform supports a wide array of popular operating systems, catering to diverse computing needs and preferences.

Secure Data Centers

Hosted in secure, state-of-the-art data centers, our VMs benefit from advanced physical and infrastructure security measures, keeping your data safe.

Low Latency Network

Experience our high-performance, low latency network, optimized to deliver your data at lightning speeds, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Best-in-class Intel CPUs

Our VMs are powered by the latest Intel CPUs, offering top-tier performance for computing-intensive applications, from web hosting to data analysis.

Automated Backups

Protect your valuable data with automated backup options, allowing for easy restoration and peace of mind in the face of data loss.

Root/Administrator Access

Gain complete control over your VM with root (Linux) or administrator (Windows) access, allowing for full command over your server environment.

IPv6 Support

Future-proof your projects with full IPv6 support, ensuring your VM is ready for the next generation of internet protocol, enhancing connectivity and security.

Scalable Resources

Effortlessly scale your VM’s resources to match your current needs, from RAM and CPU to storage, ensuring your infrastructure grows with you.

Custom ISOs

Tailor your VM to your exact needs with custom ISO uploads, providing the flexibility to install a wide range of operating systems or applications.

Looking for more power?

Bare Metal Servers
Bare Metal Servers

Upgrade to unparalleled performance with our Bare Metal Servers, offering dedicated resources for maximum control and power without virtualization overhead.

Optimized Cloud VMs

Enhance your cloud capabilities with Optimized Cloud Compute solutions, designed for high-demand applications requiring advanced computing power and scalability.

AI GPU Servers

Accelerate your most intensive workloads with GPU Servers, tailored for AI, machine learning, and graphic-intensive applications, delivering speed and efficiency.

Colocation Services

Securely house your critical infrastructure in our state-of-the-art data centers with Colocation Services, benefiting from our premium connectivity and robust security.

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