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Global Network Excellence

In today's fast-paced digital world, your network strategy is crucial. Our advanced network technology combines diversity and precision in routing, setting new standards. Benefit from a smart network that selects the best data path, ensuring fast, reliable connections.

Elevate your network strategy with Netrouting, explore the eight cornerstone benefits that define our expansive network; each one crafted to provide our clients with a seamless, secure, and swift online experience across continents.

Scalable Network Solutions

Netrouting's network is optimized for high-volume traffic. With port utilization consistently below 40%, we're prepared to scale swiftly, ensuring seamless service for your growing needs. Rely on us for consistent, high-performance connectivity for your users, hassle-free.

Unmatched Connectivity Diversity

We provide top-tier internet connectivity optimized for peak performance. Our strong partnerships with leading carriers and internet exchanges ensure limitless connectivity possibilities. With strategically positioned networks offering direct access to local routes, we guarantee exceptional global latency.

Global peering coverage

At Netrouting, our global network seamlessly connects to major internet exchange points worldwide, including prominent hubs like AMS-IX in the Netherlands and FL-IX in the US. Our expansive network extends across borders, ensuring that our customers enjoy the advantages of direct local routes regardless of their connection point.

DDoS Protection Services

Strengthen your server's security with Netrouting's DDoS protection services. Our standard packages offer complimentary blackhole support, ensuring your peace of mind. Elevate your defense with features such as regional traffic filtering and our potent Scrubbing-as-a-Service. Safeguard your infrastructure effortlessly with Netrouting.

24/7 Expert Support

Seeking assistance day or night? Netrouting's 24/7 Expert Support team is here for you, committed to top-notch service through annual compliance audits. Count on us for uninterrupted support, anytime, anywhere.

Tailored Infrastructure Solutions

Do you require help with designing, installing, and managing your IT infrastructure? Our team of experts is available to provide reliable assistance tailored to your specific requirements. Trust us to coordinate and implement top-notch custom infrastructure services for your business.

Free Private Network

Boost your infrastructure's connectivity with Netrouting's complimentary private network options. Seamlessly interconnect your dedicated servers or hybrid solutions with ease. Enjoy private network access of up to 1 gigabit without any additional charges.

Hybrid Solutions

Connect your infrastructure to remote locations worldwide effortlessly. Netrouting provides seamless connectivity solutions, linking our services and connecting you to data centers or public clouds—experience customized connectivity like never before.

Infrastructure monitoring

We prioritize your network's performance and reliability. Our strategic network monitoring utilizes assets placed across multiple locations to track and address latency, congestion, and device performance. Count on us for a dependable and efficient network infrastructure tailored to your business needs.


DDoS protected network

DDoS attacks can disrupt businesses of all sizes, leading to network performance degradation and availability issues, ultimately impacting your bottom line if left unprotected. At Netrouting, we recognize the critical importance of shielding your business from DDoS attacks. That's why we offer high-performance DDoS protection services designed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Member of RIPE NCC, ARIN and APNIC

Netrouting’s membership with RIPE NCC, ARIN, and APNIC aligns us with the pivotal institutions that oversee the distribution and management of Internet number resources, such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). These organizations play a critical role in the global internet ecosystem by ensuring fair and equitable access to these resources, maintaining registry accuracy, and developing policies for resource allocation that support the internet's expansion and stability. Our membership is fundamental as it allows us to obtain and administer these resources directly, ensuring we can offer our customers a reliable and compliant networking service.

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At Netrouting, our dedication to excellence is unwavering. We strategically integrate top-tier infrastructure components from renowned brands such as Juniper and Nokia, which fortifies our core and equips our network with unparalleled modular capabilities. Our carefully orchestrated network extends over key global positions, guaranteeing exceptional network availability and steadfastness. Through persistent efforts, our network has flourished, connecting a multitude of data centers across Europe and the United States. Rely on us for a network infrastructure that’s not just reliable and scalable, but also excels in performance, precisely aligning with the demands of your enterprise.

We staunchly believe in the power of proactive network management to uphold and enhance the quality, stability, and uninterrupted service of our network. Our forward-thinking management strategy allows us to swiftly identify and address potential issues proactively, often neutralizing them before they impact performance. This proactive ethos is the heartbeat of our operations. Our Network Operations Center operates round-the-clock, vigilantly monitoring and fine-tuning our network to ensure our clients enjoy speedy, consistent, and reliable internet connectivity.

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