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Gbps Transit


Gbps Peering

Excellent diversity and best path routing

Designed with performance in mind, Netrouting partners with the best carriers and internet exchanges to provide unlimited internet connectivity options for our customers. At each of our locations, our network connects with local carriers and internet exchanges that offer direct access to local routes. Our network benefits from some of the most prestigious routes and offers excellent latency to destinations worldwide.

Capacity to grow

Our network is designed to process high amounts of traffic. At all times, we ensure that our port utilization on any of our external connections remains below 40%. This allows us to burst when we unexpectedly need to process more traffic or quickly onboard larger customers.

Quality comes first

Netrouting’s connectivity blend comprises of only the most reputable carriers and local internet exchanges. We constantly work on improving routes and further optimizing the internet connectivity that gets delivered with your service.

Global peering coverage

Netrouting connects at various major internet exchange points around the globe. From the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) in The Netherlands to the NYIIX (New York Internet Exchange) in United States. Our network crosses borders and our customers benefit from direct local routes anywhere they connect with us.

DDoS Protection

Netrouting offers DDoS protection services as an add-on to any dedicated or cloud server. Our base packages come with blackhole support which is included with your service at no additional charge. Additional options are available for regional filtering of traffic and full protection with our Scrubbing-as-a-Service product.

10 Gbps Ports

For high traffic solutions our network offers access to dedicated 10 gigabit ports. Contact us if you're interested in learning more or would like to receive a custom quote. We can offer single 10Gbps flat fee connections or aggregated interfaces up to 40Gbps.

Free private network

Netrouting offers free private network options to tie in your dedicated servers or hybrid solution of dedicated servers and cloud servers together. Free private network access is available for up to 1 gigabit without additional charge. Contact our support team to get setup.

Go hybrid!

Interested in connecting our services together or perhaps connecting to another data center or public cloud? Netrouting offers custom connectivity solutions to interconnect your infrastructure to remote locations worldwide. .

Infrastructure monitoring

Netrouting utilizes several assets within the network to monitor the performance and reliability of our infrastructure. We monitor for things such as potential latency issues, link congestion and device performance issues. All of this data is collected by sensors throughout our network in the different locations that we operate from and sent to a centralized system for logging and alerting purposes. This ensures proper and current measurements are always available to quickly react to any potential issues as they occur.

DDoS protected network

DDoS attacks can disrupt any business of any size. These attacks are detrimental to your business operations, current users, and can affect your bottom line if not protected. DDoS attacks degrade the performance and availability of your network. Netrouting’s DDoS Protection services offer you high-performance protection against DDoS attacks. Our Scrubbing-as-a-service model allows us to quickly identify an attack as it comes in. Additionally, we reroute it to our mitigation platform to start cleaning up your traffic in a matter of seconds.

  • Available in all of our data centers
  • 1Tbps+ capacity
  • Single-step activation via API or GUI
  • Interactive monitoring

Our partners

Our Internet Exchange points

Our Tier1 Connectivity


Quality and performance

For our core infrastructure, we utilize renowned brands like Juniper and Brocade. We use modular network equipment and choose strategic locations worldwide. Because of this we cannot only guarantee the best availability of our network but also make it more scalable and robust. This is how we have built our network through several data centers throughout Europe and in the United States over the years.

Thanks to pro-active management, both within as outside of our network, we are able to respond and act quickly on issues – most of the time even before they play out. Our Network Operations Center is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the quality, stability, and availability of our network.

With this premium infrastructure, we offer you a blazing fast and reliable internet connection that you can expect from an Internet Service Provider.

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Proud member of RIPE NCC, ARIN and APNIC

Netrouting is a registered member with the RIPE NCC, ARIN and APNIC. Each of these organizations operate in their own respective regions and are part of the Regional Internet Registries (RIR) responsible for Internet Resource Allocations worldwide.

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