Precision Performance with Optimized Cloud Compute

Discover the pinnacle of cloud computing with our Optimized Cloud Compute packages, where each solution is meticulously crafted to meet the exact needs of specific use cases. By offering dedicated CPU cores, we ensure that your applications run on infrastructure that's not just powerful, but also perfectly aligned with your performance requirements. From data analytics to web applications, our optimized packages deliver the efficiency, scalability, and security your projects demand. Dive into the world of optimized computing, where free internal networking and web-based firewalls complement our bespoke offerings, providing a seamless, secure environment for your most critical operations.

Dedicated CPUs

Experience unmatched processing power with dedicated CPUs, ensuring your applications receive all the resources they promise, without sharing.

Web-Based Firewall

Protect your applications with a free, easy-to-manage web-based firewall, offering robust security features directly from your browser.

Free Internal Network

Connect your cloud resources with a free internal network, offering high-speed, secure communication between services without extra costs.

Use Case Optimization

Select from packages fine-tuned for various applications, guaranteeing optimal performance for your specific workload and operational needs.

Select Your Optimized Cloud Compute Plan

Discover Optimized Cloud Compute Plans with Built-In High Availability and Backups for Ultimate Reliability

  • Balanced
  • CPU Optimized
  • Memory Optimized
  • Storage Optimized
vCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Data Center Monthly Price
2 vCPU8 GB50 GB4 TB60.00
4 vCPU16 GB80 GB5 TB110.00
8 vCPU32 GB160 GB6 TB210.00
12 vCPU48 GB240 GB7 TB320.00
16 vCPU64 GB320 GB8 TB400.00
24 vCPU96 GB480 GB9 TB600.00
32 vCPU128 GB640 GB10 TB800.00
vCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Data Center Monthly Price
Coming soon
vCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Data Center Monthly Price
Coming soon
vCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Data Center Monthly Price
Coming soon

Balanced Plans

Optimal Performance for Diverse Needs

Dive into our selection of Balanced Plans, each crafted to offer a well-rounded mix of computing resources tailored for optimal performance across a broad spectrum of use cases. Explore the variety within our Balanced Plans to find the ideal configuration that aligns with your operational requirements and budget.

Use Cases


  • Web and Application Servers
  • Development Environments
  • Front-End Interfaces
  • Lightweight Back-End Processes
  • E-Commerce Platforms

CPU Optimized Plans

For High-Performance Computing

For workloads that demand the highest levels of processing power, our CPU Optimized Plans stand ready to deliver. Tailored for compute-intensive applications, these plans feature enhanced CPU resources to handle tasks such as data analysis, batch processing, and heavy computational operations with unmatched efficiency. 

Use Cases


  • High-Traffic Web Applications
  • Data Analysis and Batch Processing
  • Video Encoding and Media Processing
  • Game Server Hosting
  • Real-Time Analytics

Memory Optimized Plans

For Data-Intensive Workloads

Tailor-made for applications that consume large amounts of RAM, our Memory Optimized Plans ensure your most memory-intensive projects operate smoothly and efficiently. Designed to cater to workloads where memory is the critical factor, these plans offer a significant allocation of RAM, supporting applications that require fast access to larger datasets in memory. 

Use Cases


  • Financial Risk Simulations
  • In-Memory Caching (e.g. memcached)
  • Real-Time Event Processing
  • In-Memory Databases (e.g. SAP HANA)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

Storage Optimized

For Maximum Efficiency

Designed for workloads that are storage-intensive, our Storage Optimized Plans utilize a sophisticated distributed storage architecture based on Ceph, ensuring high availability and fault tolerance. By integrating both NVMe/SSD for rapid access and performance and HDD for cost-effective, large capacity storage solutions, these plans are perfect for applications that demand both speed and volume. 

Use Cases


  • Large-Scale Backups
  • Media and Content Delivery
  • Digital Archives
  • Virtual Machine and Database Storage
  • E-commerce Platform Data

Your Cloud Journey Simplified

Launch into the cloud effortlessly with quick operating system setup for your VM. Our platform accommodates a vast selection of widely-used operating systems, meeting a variety of computing requirements and tastes.

Enhanced Resource Allocation

Optimized plans are designed with enhanced resource allocations, including CPU, memory, and storage, to support intensive workloads more efficiently than standard cloud compute options.

Priority Support

Receive priority support from our expert team, ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved to keep your optimized applications running smoothly.

Best-in-class Intel CPUs

Our VMs are powered by the latest Intel CPUs, offering top-tier performance for computing-intensive applications, from web hosting to data analysis.

Low Latency Network

Experience our high-performance, low latency network, optimized to deliver your data at lightning speeds, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Secure Data Centers
Hosted in secure, state-of-the-art data centers, our VMs benefit from advanced physical and infrastructure security measures, keeping your data safe.
IPv6 Support

Future-proof your projects with full IPv6 support, ensuring your VM is ready for the next generation of internet protocol, enhancing connectivity and security.

Root/Administrator Access

Gain complete control over your VM with root (Linux) or administrator (Windows) access, allowing for full command over your server environment.

Custom ISOs

Tailor your VM to your exact needs with custom ISO uploads, providing the flexibility to install a wide range of operating systems or applications.

Alternatives to Optimized Cloud Plans

Bare Metal Servers
Bare Metal Servers

Unleash raw power with Bare Metal Servers: ultimate performance, zero virtualization overhead. Ideal for resource-intensive applications.

Cloud Compute

Maximize efficiency with shared vCPU-based VMs: an affordable, scalable way to support your applications in a cost-conscious cloud environment.

AI GPU Servers

Accelerate your AI and machine learning projects with AI GPU Servers: specialized hardware for computation-heavy tasks and deep learning.

Colocation Services

Secure and customize your IT infrastructure with our Colocation services: benefit from our state-of-the-art data centers and exceptional connectivity.

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