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Netrouting, established in 2007, has emerged as a trusted leader in the dedicated server and hosting industry. With data centers in The Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States, Netrouting offers premium services to businesses and individuals worldwide. This article highlights Netrouting’s commitment to accessibility, its expansive network of data centers, and its dedication to meeting the mission-critical IT demands of its customers.

Building a Powerful Network Backbone

Since its inception, Netrouting has focused on creating a new standard in dedicated server hosting. With a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Netrouting operates data centers strategically located worldwide. This global network enables businesses and individuals to leverage the benefits of dedicated servers in multiple convenient locations.

Netrouting, a leading internet service provider (ISP), has built an extensive network backbone and established strategic peering partnerships with other ISPs and network providers. This article explores the advantages of Netrouting’s robust network infrastructure, low-latency connections, and optimized routing for improved performance.

Network Backbone: A Highway of Data:

Netrouting’s network backbone serves as the main pathway for data transmission across the internet. It comprises high-capacity routers and fiber-optic cables that connect various geographical locations and data centers. The company’s investment in a reliable and scalable backbone ensures efficient data transmission and low-latency connections.

Reliability and Redundancy:

Netrouting prioritizes reliability by implementing redundant hardware and advanced failover mechanisms. These measures ensure that data traffic can be seamlessly rerouted in the event of network disruptions or failures. By minimizing downtime, Netrouting provides uninterrupted connectivity to its customers.

Optimized Routing for Improved Performance:

Routing plays a crucial role in determining the most efficient path for data packets to travel from source to destination. Netrouting utilizes sophisticated routing protocols and algorithms that consider factors such as network congestion, latency, and available bandwidth. This intelligent routing minimizes latency and maximizes the speed and efficiency of data transmission.

Peering Partnerships: Strengthening the Network:

Netrouting’s strategic peering partnerships with other major ISPs and content delivery networks (CDNs) enhance its network’s reach and reduce dependence on external transit providers. Peering allows for direct traffic exchange between networks, bypassing third-party intermediaries. This results in improved network performance, reduced latency, and enhanced cost-efficiency.

Enhanced Regional Connectivity:

By establishing peering connections with local ISPs in different regions, Netrouting improves regional connectivity. Local peering reduces the distance that data packets need to travel, minimizing latency and enhancing the user experience. This is particularly beneficial for customers accessing content or services hosted within the same geographic area.

Global Reach and Coverage:

Netrouting’s peering partnerships expand its network’s global footprint. By interconnecting with diverse peering partners across different continents, Netrouting offers enhanced network coverage worldwide. This global reach is advantageous for multinational businesses or organizations that require reliable and low-latency connectivity across multiple regions.

Netrouting has meticulously engineered its network backbone to deliver unparalleled performance, leveraging strategic partnerships with industry-leading carriers and internet exchanges. This collaborative approach ensures an extensive array of connectivity options, granting customers unlimited possibilities.

By establishing connections with local carriers and exchanges, Netrouting guarantees exceptional network diversity and ultra-low latency connections to global destinations. This steadfast commitment to capacity expansion empowers the company to seamlessly manage substantial traffic volumes and effortlessly accommodate unforeseen spikes in demand.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Peering Partnerships

Netrouting places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality connectivity. Its connectivity blend comprises reputable carriers( Arelion, NTT, and Cogent are some of our strategic carrier partners) and local internet exchanges, constantly working to improve routes and optimize internet connectivity for customers. Through strategic peering partnerships, Netrouting connects to major internet exchange points globally, offering direct local routes to enhance network performance.

With a presence at renowned exchange points such as AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) in the Netherlands, DE-CIX (Deutsche Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt, Germany, and The London Internet Exchange (LINX) in the UK, Netrouting’s network extends across borders. Customers benefit from direct access to local routes wherever they connect with Netrouting, ensuring efficient data transmission

State-of-the-Art Data Centers

Netrouting’s data centers are located in key tech hubs, including The Hague, Miami, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Bucharest, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. These facilities are equipped with N+1 redundant power and cooling systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reliability.

The integration of Netrouting’s data center in The Hague with its redundant network expands its reach across various strategic locations in the Netherlands. This seamless integration enhances network resilience and allows for seamless data transfer and hosting services.


Netrouting stands as a prominent player in the dedicated server and hosting industry, driven by a commitment to accessibility, reliability, and global connectivity. With a robust network backbone, strategic peering partnerships, and state-of-the-art data centers, Netrouting empowers businesses worldwide. Whether it’s businesses seeking seamless connectivity or individuals accessing online content, Netrouting’s network backbone and peering partnerships play a vital role in enabling a seamless and optimized internet experience.


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