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On May 22, 2024, Nokia announced a strategic partnership with Netrouting, a prominent cloud services and data center solutions provider based in the Netherlands. This collaboration is set to enhance Netrouting’s network stability and scalability through Nokia’s cutting-edge IP routing and optical solutions.

Partnership Highlights

IP Routing Solutions:

Netrouting will incorporate Nokia’s advanced IP routing technologies to enhance its network’s stability and scalability. The deployment will feature Nokia’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS), 7750 Service Router (SR), and 7220 Interconnect Router (IXR).

Optical Data Center Interconnect:

Nokia’s optical solutions will be utilized to connect Netrouting’s cloud infrastructure across seven data centers in the Netherlands, ensuring seamless interconnection and peering.

Customer Benefits

According to Savvas Bout, CEO of Netrouting, this partnership will significantly improve service quality and reliability for customers. The integration of Nokia’s products will expand Netrouting’s cloud services portfolio and enhance its managed services solutions, leading to faster deployment speeds and a stronger position in the cloud service market in the Netherlands.

Nokia’s Commitment

Mark Vanderhaegen, Director of European Cloud Infrastructure Business at Nokia, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting it as a milestone in Netrouting’s infrastructure upgrade journey. This collaboration reflects Nokia’s dedication to advancing cloud connectivity and providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art networking solutions.

About Nokia

Nokia is a leader in B2B technology innovation, pioneering networks that sense, think, and act. With expertise across mobile, fixed, and cloud networks, Nokia delivers secure and sustainable networks. Nokia Bell Labs leads long-term research, creating value with intellectual property. Service providers, enterprises, and partners worldwide trust Nokia to create the digital services and applications of the future.

About Netrouting

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Netrouting provides reliable, scalable, and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting solutions. Specializing in bespoke IaaS solutions, including dedicated servers, virtual servers, connectivity services, and managed solutions, Netrouting prioritizes automation in service implementation. With a global presence in cities like Amsterdam, Stockholm, Miami, and Hong Kong, Netrouting ensures widespread access and reliability for its diverse product range.


The partnership between Nokia and Netrouting highlights a shared commitment to enhancing cloud connectivity and infrastructure. By integrating Nokia’s IP routing and optical solutions, Netrouting is set to offer improved service stability, scalability, and speed, benefiting customers across the Netherlands.

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