Cloud, Dedicated Servers Jan 25, 2021

Today’s businesses have several options available when it comes to hosting. Cloud hosting services have become increasingly popular, yet dedicated servers continue to offer the greatest flexibility and customization. Confused about your options when it comes to cloud computing and dedicated hosting for your business? It is important for you to understand each server type in order to choose the right one for your businesses.

How Does Cloud Hosting work?

Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses have looked for efficient and secure ways to store, manage and process their data. The cloud is the delivery of on-demand computing resources over the Internet. A cloud server is a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. A business migrates its data and applications from its own physical servers into the cloud provider’s virtualized servers. If you want to enhance your IT performance without incurring huge costs on purchasing infrastructure, cloud hosting is an ideal solution.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

Dedicated servers are known for their high performing features in processing power and storage speed, are connected to high-speed internet connections, and are hosted in data centers. Dedicated servers can be used for any number of things, some of which are the hosting of websites or database-intensive applications. A good example of this could be CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics or SAP. As the name implies, each server is dedicated privately to one customer. That customer receives access to a physical server with the agreed upon hardware specifications, processing, and storage, all in one unit.

Why Use Cloud and Dedicated Servers?

Determining which applications are best suited for your business, whether dedicated servers or cloud hosting, you must keep in mind what requirements and security measures are needed to create the most effective and efficient infrastructure for your business. What should you consider before choosing a server for your business?

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What are your IT requirements?
  • What is your budget?
  • Once you have verified that a server meets your functional requirements you must also make sure you are not paying for anything you will not utilize.

Your primary concern is: What problem do you want to solve?

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