Dedicated Servers Mar 23, 2021

When it comes to hosting, you will come across a variety of hosting plans and options such as virtual private servers (VPS), cloud servers and dedicated server hosting – each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated server hosting is a powerful and popular form of hosting. In this article we will give you a few examples of key benefits of using a dedicated server to host your infrastructure.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are known for their high performing features in processing power and storage speed, connected to high-speed internet connections and hosted in data centers with companies such as Netrouting. Dedicated servers can be used for any number of things, some of which are the hosting of websites or database intensive applications. A good example of this could be CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics or SAP. The word ‘dedicated’ means that a user or business owner has the exclusive use of an entire server, or in some cases multiple.

4 Key benefits of using a dedicated server

Reliability & Performance
Unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosting involves the usage of a server’s resources by one individual or a single business only. This means that users of a dedicated server don’t have to share any of its resources with other users that might degrade or limit your processing power – allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to hosting as the performance and reliability are not impacted by others.

A key benefit of a dedicated server hosting solution is security. Since the resource is not shared with other users and is for your exclusive use only – the security of your server is entirely in your hands. Controlling what happens with your server’s operating system and its applications puts you in the drivers seat. There is no need to worry about other users and their potentially outdated applications or bad code.

Static IP Address
Businesses opting for a dedicated server get a static IP address. Providing a public static IP address means that you don’t need to update your records every time a lease expires or when IP addresses are rotated. You no longer need to worry about other people’s activity on the network either as you manage and control the health/reputation of your static IP address(es), which can be very important for example for mail servers.

Flexibility & Customization
As your business is growing, a dedicated server can accommodate your growing business needs. Compared to other hosting options, dedicated servers give you ultimate flexibility and resilience. Dedicated server hosting enables businesses to control resources without any restrictions and can be upgraded or scaled back easily within the limits of your contract. For example at Netrouting, our dedicated servers can be customized and tailored exactly to meet your specific needs. Your environment can be fully managed remotely with administrator access and help of our industry leading control panel. Netrouting offers dedicated servers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Bucharest, New York, Chicago, Miami and Hong Kong.

Determining the best requirements for your hosting needs can be challenging. Whether you’re looking at dedicated server hosting or perhaps going cloud, establishing the requirements for your business can help save you time and money. Make sure to check out our recent post: 5 Things to Consider When Selecting A Dedicated Server.

Netrouting Dedicated Servers

We thrive in system automation and offer customers the flexibility to manage their own environment. Our control panel offers extensive features for different tasks and actions such as:

  • On-demand and automated re-installation of operating systems
  • Remote power management
  • IP address management (including reverse DNS and DDoS protection)
  • Remote Controller Access (also known as the IPMI or iDrac Controller)

Netrouting is here to help you put together the ideal dedicated server configuration for your business – Tailor-made CPU, RAM and storage designed to best host your applications and provide optimal performance. Our team of experts are committed to support you 24/7 with a 1-hour response guarantee. For more information about our dedicated server hosting options contact us today.

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