Dedicated Servers Jun 02, 2020

As businesses expand and scale, more IT resources need to be allocated to handle the amount of traffic on your website and to keep your business up-and-running. Dedicated servers are a powerful and popular form of hosting and can offer growing businesses many benefits. But how do you tell if you need dedicated servers for your business?

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a single physical server, housed in an off-site data center that is entirely dedicated to one user. These servers are known for their high performing features in processing power, storage speed, and connection to high-speed internet. If your business needs a large amount of processing power, then a dedicated server is the right choice.

When would you need a dedicated server?

  • When you need a backup solution

Planning and implementing your IT infrastructure is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Backing up your critical data is a simple and essential step in protecting your business. A proper backup and data storage solution along with a full business continuity and disaster recovery plan, work together to reduce threats to your business. A server can function as a secure environment for mission critical data and more.

  • When you need flexibility

As your business expands, dedicated servers can accommodate your growing business needs. Compared to other hosting options, dedicated servers give you ultimate flexibility and resilience. Dedicated server hosting enables businesses to control resources without any restrictions and can be upgraded or scaled back easily within the limits of your contract.

  • When you have security concerns

The key advantage to dedicated servers is security. Since you are not sharing resources with other users; it is for your exclusive use only – the security of your server is entirely in your hands. Controlling what happens with your server’s operating system and its applications puts you in the driver’s seat. You won’t need to worry about other users and their potentially outdated applications or bad code. An off-site dedicated server in a secure data center will protect your server from power outages and any other physical harm (robbery, flooding, etc) in addition to having 24/7 support vs an on-premise server.

  • When better performance is required

A dedicated server is entirely dedicated to you and you alone. This means that users of a dedicated server do not have to share any of its resources with other users. Your dedicated server will give better performance. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to hosting as the performance and reliability are not impacted by others.

Netrouting Dedicated Servers

Netrouting is here to help you put together the ideal dedicated server configuration for your business! Tailor-made CPU, RAM and storage is designed to best host your applications and provide optimal performance. Your environment can be fully managed remotely with administrator access and help of our industry leading control panel.

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