IT Infrastructure Dec 24, 2020

In a year that was defined by COVID-19, one of the most prominent trends has been the shift to remote and digital means of working and communicating. In today’s business environment, IT departments are challenged to not only maintain their current infrastructure, applications, and operations but also make strategic contributions.

These 5 most read blogs of 2020 are a nice cross section of everything that kept us and you busy this year:

1. When Do You Need Dedicated Servers for Your Business?
As businesses expand and scale, more IT resources need to be allocated to handle the amount of traffic on your website and to keep your business up-and-running. Dedicated servers are a powerful and popular form of hosting and can offer growing businesses many benefits. But how do you tell if you need dedicated servers for your business?

2. Colocation vs. Dedicated Servers – What is Best for my Business?
When it comes to choosing a hosting solution, you may feel a little overwhelmed on how to choose the best service for your business needs. There are two common hosting types that businesses often struggle choosing between: Dedicated server vs Colocation.

3. Colocation vs. Cloud – What Is the Best Solution for My Business?
Planning and implementing your IT infrastructure is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your business. With the increase in global data center traffic, how and where businesses store their data has become more important than ever. There are several options to manage and store data and applications.

4. A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Servers
Servers are the backbone of any IT infrastructure; A robust IT infrastructure is more important than you might realize. A well-established IT infrastructure needs to be reliable, flexible, and secure. In this blog, we will explain the basics of dedicated servers, discuss its benefits, and help you decide if a dedicated server is the best option for your business.

5. What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud
The IT requirements of a business today are high and continue to rise. Cloud computing is one of the technologies that drive digitalization. Cloud computing is still a relatively new technology and is constantly expanding in terms of what it can do.

Netrouting’s Solutions
Determining which applications are best suited for your business, keeping in mind what the requirements and security measures are needed to create the most effective and efficient infrastructure! for your business.

Whatever the case, Netrouting is here to help you make the right decision for your business needs. Our experts are happy to assess your business needs with you to and help you improve your business’ IT infrastructure.  Please contact us at or +31 (0)88 270 02 00

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